How does it work?

The induction disbonder works by the principle of induction. Heat is generated in the steel substrate and the bonding is broken.

The coating is removed entirely without disintegrating and completely free from contaminating agents, i.e. blast media.  This obviously makes disposal and recycling of waste easier and cheaper.

Even inside the pittings and cracks in the surface the coating is disbonded.

While the system is activated, the power supply sends alternating current through the heating coil, generating an electromagnetic field and inducing eddy currents within the work piece, giving precisely controlled amounts of clean, localized heat without any physical contact between the inductor head and the work piece (no wear and tear). This controlled, localized heating causes instant disbonding of coatings and rust (or mill scale) beneath the inductor head position.

The heating pattern is always the same for a given set-up, ensuring consistency and optimizing the resulting surface treatment quality. When activated, the process starts instantly, inducing heat in the work piece immediately achieving control of the disbonding temperature level within milliseconds.

The RPR induction heating is highly directional: a very small area of the work piece, limited to the position of the inductor stripping head, is induction heated without affecting surrounding areas. Power input is controlled automatically to achieve the temperature range required for slower or faster heating and disbonding.