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Hydron Industrial

Based in the industrial heartland of North Eastern England, are the sole UK distributor for RPR Induction Technology.

We are focused on offering a package of services and products which will allow you to overcome hurdles and exceed those difficult to achieve project goals.

Induction Technology

The ground breaking RPR Induction Technology utilizes induction heating produced from an electromagnetic field to allow the instant disbonding of materials from any steel substrate. Paint, Passive Fire Protection, Deck Coverings, Rust and Scale are all removed in a manner which is energy efficient, operator friendly and more environmentally responsible than current conventional methods.

Our Team

Our team will assist you at any stage of project planning to identify suitability and where RPR will significantly reduce your CO2 emissions, energy wastage, operator health & safety hazards, waste mass and the subsequent cost of the clean up and disposal operation.


Hydron provide sales, hire, training, service maintenance, onsite support and full technical back up for the RPR Induction Technology. With over 20 years experience in the application and removal of industrial coatings, you can be assured of a professional, tailored solution to your operational challenges.